Industries and Application Environments

Learn about the main industries in which our professional solutions are applied every day.

Tourist Hotels and Apartments

Water-soluble liquid is commonly used in hotel rooms to eliminate odors of humidity or overcrowding, as well as for food and tobacco smells.

We are Collaborators of Gremi d'Hotels of Barcelona and of APARTUR.


Rooms, common areas, toilets, garbage rooms, meeting rooms, dining rooms, gyms, spas and parking lots.

Application systems

Sprays, Drainpipe Liquid, ST Tower™ (with ST Polymer™) and Dry Vapor (DV) in nebulizer machines.


Common areas, bathrooms and garbage rooms.

Application systems

Sprays, Drainpipe Liquid and ST Tower™ (with ST Polymer™). These systems are the most suitable as they do not interfere with the gastronomic experience.

Restaurants and bars

Restaurants mostly require formulas to neutralize odors from food and organic waste. At SCENTechnologies, we actively work with large restaurant chains and independent establishments, in environments such as dining areas, kitchens, and bathrooms. 

Medical offices

Settings such as waiting rooms in clinics tend to produce unpleasant odors like humidity, overcrowding and food, which can be neutralized with our products.


Common areas, waiting rooms, toilets.

Application systems

Sprays and ST Tower™ (with ST Polymer™).


Common areas, rooms, toilets.

Application systems

Dry Vapor (DV) in nebulizer machines and Sprays.

Nursing Homes

Odors like tobacco and humidity are commonly found in nursing homes, as well as episodic ones such as urine, WC and overcrowding.

Means of transport

In most means of transportation we can find odors such as sweat and crowds (also called "humanity"). To remove them, Polymer (Blue Formula typically) is used. Our solutions are present in the most important transport companies in Spain.


Buses, Metro, Trains, Planes and Boats.

Application systems

Mainly Polymer, installed in air conditioning filters.

Other Sectors

At SCENTechnologies, we develop application systems tailored to the needs of each industry. If you want to know what we have developed in your sector or what we could develop, you can review our projects and contact us to discuss in detail what you have in mind.

Reviews from our clients

A sample of the reviews our professional solutions receive.

Quality air is not possible if there are bad odors: Scentechnologies formulas work for all types of clients and circumstances.


We have been applying Scentechnologies technology for years to our clients. It has proven to be simple, flexible, reliable and efficient. 


A professional deodorization service requires a partner like Scentech, with a solid scientific and technical base, and high development capacity.



Scentech enables our Indoor Air Quality Division to achieve results, at a competitive cost. 


Neutralizes odors from the molecule