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Professional application systems

Dry Vapor (DV)
Water-soluble Sprays
Drainpipe Liquid

Powerful and long-lasting elimination

Dry Vapor (DV) odor-eliminating active is a substrate compatible with a wide variety of diffusion technologies, especially nebulizer machines. Due to its high concentration of active ingredients, the system stands out for its reach, generating an intense and long-lasting fragrance for large spaces with a high demand for neutralization. Dry Vapor (DV) nebulizer fluid is available in our four formulas (Blue, Green, Red and Yellow).

Dry Vapor (DV) technology allows us to emit the largest amount of active ingredients in our range of products, that is, large quantities of eliminating molecules. Fogging machines disperse the neutralizing substrate in the form of dry vapor through fogging machine technology.

Dry Vapor (DV) technology releases the greatest amount of active ingredients in our product range, that is to say: large amounts of eliminating molecules. Nebulizer machines disperse the neutralizing substrate as a dry vapor through nebulizer machine technology. This solution is especially efficient, allowing long intervals in between maintenance, as considerable amounts of product can be applied to last longer than other solutions. This reduces replacement costs and time spent on maintenance, as nebulizer machines require more installation time than solutions like our ST Tower 2™.

This system stands out for its wide reach in large environments and with intense bad odors, because the diffusion technologies allow the active ingredient to generate an intense and long-lasting fragrance. The Dry Vapor (DV) system is ideal for spaces such as garbage rooms in hotels with particularly penetrating odors or large sports halls, which tend to give rise to the smell of overcrowding.

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Powerful and versatile against persistent odors. It is powered by Polymer™.

The ST Tower 2™ is an iteration of the original ST Tower™, created in 2009 as the first diffusion system for Scentechnologies solutions. Includes two slots to install up to two loads of Polymer, which makes it easier to eliminate bad odors in small spaces with persistent odors, generating little olfactory fatigue in the environment.

It is entirely made of sheet metal, a material that is as strong and durable as it is lightweight, allowing it to be attached to surfaces with adhesives such as double-sided tape or screws. The device can be placed horizontally or vertically. The performance of the ST Tower 2™ is not altered by the availability of natural ventilation, since it has its own fan, with a power consumption of only 1.2W.

Due to its durability, the ST Tower 2™ is an efficient solution for crowded environments with persistent odors, such as common areas or restrooms. The tower’s technology allows the elimination active to be transferred without generating excess fragrance, which makes it a very neutral and especially pleasant solution.


Efficacy you can take anywhere.

The four spray formulas (Blue, Green, Red and Yellow) neutralize episodic bad odors instantly. Also available in 1000ml format.

Our Sprays are neutralization solutions presented in four different formulas: Blue, Green, Red and Yellow. Each of these has been designed to interact in specific ways with different types of bad odors, guaranteeing precise and highly effective elimination. Sprays are ideal when you want to eliminate odors quickly, since their immediate effect helps to counteract unwanted odors on the spot.

With their spray dispersion, these products offer a convenient and practical way to eliminate bad smell. It is only necessary to spray them on the affected area to neutralize them and create a more pleasant olfactory experience.

The Sprays are perfect for occasional odors in small spaces such as waiting rooms or hotel rooms that smell of tobacco, eliminating this with the Green Formula, for instance.

Solid against odors.

The standard version of Polymer™, compatible with the ST Tower 2™ and other forced ventilation devices, neutralizes constant bad odors in small spaces. It is composed of a silicone tablet, easy to handle and transport. Polymer is available in our four formulas (Blue, Green, Red and Yellow).

Polymer™, designed to work with the ST Tower 2™, can eliminate odors in spaces up to 100m² for two months. The Polymer is specifically designed for spaces with persistent bad odors that require constant elimination. This is a dry product that emits the active ingredients into the air through the sublimation of molecules.

It consists of a solid silicone tablet, specifically designed to eliminate bad odors. As a dry product, it is easy to handle and transport in its cardboard case.

The Polymer transports the eliminating active through air currents. These can be generated both from the ST Tower 2™ and through air conditioning systems. Trains or buses are perfect environments, since they are reduced and crowded spaces that require a pleasant and very neutral smell.

Passive neutralization.

Polymer Plus™, used with our dispenser, passively neutralizes persistent bad odors in small spaces, without the need for a forced ventilation device. It is composed of a silicone tablet, easy to handle and transport. The Polymer in its Plus version is also available in our four formulas (Blue, Green, Red and Yellow).

Polymer Plus It is made up of a solid substrate (based on silicone) and a dispenser made with 3D printing. An odor neutralizing formula has been dissolved in said polymer. There are 4 specific formulas depending on the chemical composition of each bad odor to be eliminated.

During the manufacturing process, the eliminating active ingredients are dissolved in a liquid that subsequently polymerizes, giving rise to an aromatic solid. This process has been patented by us.
In this way, the sublimation of the active ingredients is constant and uniform. The system is easy to apply, does not require investments, does not get wet, does not break and does not get dirty.

This system does not need the forced impulsion of air for the diffusion of the active ingredients to occur: simply placing the dispenser near a natural air flow, such as a door frame (the air flow generated when opening and closing it is sufficient to achieve a good dispersion of the bad odor neutralizing molecules).

Small spaces (up to 15 m2) whose air you want to treat. Typically in public toilets, hotel rooms. It can also be integrated into air conditioning splits, ventilation nozzles (in homes, offices or cars) and furniture (kitchen, shoe racks, etc.).

Neutralization that is fixed.

Drainpipe Liquid, with a water-soluble fixative, is designed to neutralize odors caused from drainage systems and sewers. Easy to apply and with a jasmine scent to eliminate odors in pipes.

Drainpipe Liquid is our only neutralizing agent with a water-soluble fixative. Its action covers a wide spectrum, counteracting odors generated by the decomposition of organic matter in the drains of buildings.

This liquid product is easily applied to sink drains and shower trays for the most part, followed by water to activate it. In addition, it provides a pleasant jasmine fragrance that complements the elimination effect.

It was specifically developed to eliminate odor from pipes and sewers. For this reason it is an ideal solution for hotel rooms and bathrooms in tourist apartments.

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