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Nuestras soluciones adaptadas para el uso cotidiano en tu hogar. Tecnología profesional para usar en casa.

Application Systems

absorbe olores potente
Drainpipe Liquid

Conoce Formula Spray

Blue Formula Spray

La Fórmula Blue es ideal para neutralizar una variedad de malos olores, incluyendo el hacinamiento humano, olores procedentes de lavabos (WC), disolventes, combustibles y pintura o quemado, así como los olores provenientes del calzado, dejando un agradable aroma a talco.

Red Formula Spray

La potente Fórmula Red es nuestra fórmula más versátil, ideal para eliminar malos olores presentes en cocinas como el de fritos y basuras. Además, es eficaz para neutralizar olores a humedad, vómito y WC, aportando un fresco aroma cítrico.

Green Formula Spray

La Fórmula Green es especialmente eficaz para solucionar olores desagradables en espacios como hogares, oficinas y hoteles, con olores a humedad, entre otros. Tiene una nota de aloe vera que la hace muy agradable para eliminar olores como el tabaco, la comida -especialmente para pescado- y para hogares con mascotas.

Yellow Formula Spray

La Fórmula Yellow está especialmente diseñada para neutralizar olores provenientes del alcantarillado y sus derivados. Deja un sutil aroma a jazmín en espacios como lavabos, aplicándose en tuberías, WC, sifones y sumideros, entre otros.

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Una solución eficiente y ecológica​

neutralizador de olores profesional

En Scentechnologies estamos constantemente innovando hacia soluciones más ecológicas.


Envase de vidrio y tapa pulverizadora 100% reciclables.


Los materiales de alta calidad de nuestros envases permiten que puedas darle más usos luego de lavarlo.

Drainpipe Liquid

Neutralización que se fija.

Drainpipe Liquid, with a water-soluble fixative, is designed to neutralize odors caused from drainage systems and sewers. Easy to apply and with a jasmine scent to eliminate odors in pipes.

Drainpipe Liquid is our only neutralizing agent with a water-soluble fixative. Its action covers a wide spectrum, counteracting odors generated by the decomposition of organic matter in the drains of buildings.

This liquid product is easily applied to sink drains and shower trays for the most part, followed by water to activate it. In addition, it provides a pleasant jasmine fragrance that complements the elimination effect.

It was specifically developed to eliminate odor from pipes and sewers. For this reason it is an ideal solution for hotel rooms and bathrooms in tourist apartments.

Reviews from our clients

Una muestra de las reseñas que reciben nuestras soluciones domésticas.

Both the bottle and the rest of the elements that make up the container are recyclable, which minimizes the damage caused to the environment.

E. M.


Every time my neighbor smokes in his house, and due to the poorly designed air recirculation systems in my building, my apartment STINKS of tobacco. A couple of sprays of this neutralizer and the odor disappears INSTANTLY!!!! Additionally, it totally eliminates the smell from the dog's bed, which wasn't that bad, but it's been great while we're at it!

N. P.


Interesting ecological product, manufactured with natural product and with great performance in the elimination of strong odors, such as toilet, tobacco, fried food, vomit, garbage and organic fermentations.
The citrus scent is noticeable as soon as you apply it, just by applying a couple or three sprays in the highest part of the cabin you will notice in just over 1 minute how that annoying smell is gone, great!!!!!

C. M.


In glass format, which is already a rarity. It comes with screw cap and sealed and the spray is put on later.
It is clear that if you buy these products it is so that they smell good and this one does, I smell wonderful and the smell lasts, so everything is fine.

R. C.


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