Molecular technology

to neutralize odors

After more than a decade of research and development, we have succeeded in developing the best solutions for odor neutralization.

How it works

Neutralizing odors since 2009

Unique and innovative technologies in odor neutralization.

Discover our 4 formulas

Blue Formula

Ideal for eliminating odors derived from bathrooms, WC, footwear, sweat, smoke, solvents and paint, and burned material.

Red Formula

Ideal for eliminating odors derived from rubbish, fried food and organic decomposition.

Green Formula

Ideal for eliminating odors stemmed from tobacco, humidity, pets, food and fish, among others.

Yellow Formula

Ideal for eliminating odors originated by bathroom pipes, urinals, WC, sewers, and drains.

In their different applications

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Reviews from our clients

A sample of the reviews our solutions received.

Aplicamos la tecnología de Scentechnologies desde hace años en nuestros clientes. Ha demostrado ser sencilla, flexible, fiable y eficiente. 

P. S.


Every time my neighbor smokes in his house, and due to the poorly designed air recirculation systems in my building, my apartment STINKS of tobacco. A couple of sprays of this neutralizer and the odor disappears INSTANTLY!!!! Additionally, it totally eliminates the smell from the dog's bed, which wasn't that bad, but it's been great while we're at it!

N. P.


Interesting ecological product, manufactured with natural product and with great performance in the elimination of strong odors, such as toilet, tobacco, fried food, vomit, garbage and organic fermentations.
The citrus scent is noticeable as soon as you apply it, just by applying a couple or three sprays in the highest part of the cabin you will notice in just over 1 minute how that annoying smell is gone, great!!!!!

C. M.


Un servicio de desodorización profesional exige un partner como Scentech, con una sólida base científica y técnica, y alta capacidad de desarrollo

J. M.


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