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We develop and manufacture comprehensive odor neutralization solutions with our molecular technology.

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Neutralizing odors since 2009

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Blue Formula

It is ideal for eliminating odors from crowds, sweat, bathrooms, fecal matter, footwear, smoke, solvent, paint, and burning.

Red Formula

Ideal for eliminating odors derived from rubbish, fried food and organic decomposition.

Green Formula

It is ideal for eliminating odors from tobacco, humidity, pets, fatty acids, fish, food, urine, among others.

Yellow Formula

It is ideal for eliminating odors from sewers, bathroom pipes, urinals, fecal toilets, sewers, traps, and drains.

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Reviews from our clients

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Reviews from our consumers

Cliente Amazon
Amazon Customer
Pretty good I bought it to eliminate the smell of smoke from the fireplace, which usually stays in the living room and I don't like it. The smell is very pleasant, it smells clean and eliminates the bad smell in the room. To put a but; It usually stains when used, or can fall on the floor, on the you have to do it carefully.
Cliente Amazon
Amazon Customer
Eliminates bad smell It fulfills its function, eliminates bad odor and also leaves a good smell. I use it for both shoes and bath time and it works great for me.
Jhonny Sadusea
Jhonny Sadusea
Compliant It fulfills its purpose. Removes bad odors in a single spray. The aroma is quite bearable. I would buy it again if I needed a bad odor neutralizer.
Jose Antonio & family
Jose Antonio & family
Excellent at our work We received this product to neutralize odors, in our case we have ordered it to neutralize toilet odors, fecal matter, etc. which is very useful for us at work since among other things we deal with traffic jams and after them, and putting water in pressure, or removing wipes from manholes or downspouts, the smell that remains in the area where we have worked can be nauseating, so once we have finished and collected it, we spray it several times and the smell is greatly mitigated. We let it act a little and then we ventilate the room where the unclogging has been done and its effect is very noticeable. But where it works best is precisely in the van since when we put the machinery in, the smell that remains inside is vomiting, And if you add to that that it is a closed van, turn it off and let's go... well, with this the smell almost disappears completely, and taking into account that it is a closed place without breathing, that is saying a lot. The only thing that doesn't bother me What I like about it is that it comes in a glass bottle, since it always bothers me that when we transfer it, it falls and breaks, I would have preferred it if it had been in a plastic bottle.
Eva María
Eva Maria
To neutralize certain odors Scen Technologies offers us the solution to bad odors derived from toilet odors, sweat, footwear and similar, without the need to mask them, neutralizing the smelly molecules thanks to the microdroplets that are generated in the spray and that contain odor-neutralizing molecules, which They make it absorb bad odors, generating a pleasant talc smell. Furthermore, thanks to the absence of alcohols, CFCs, and the natural origin of its components, it is not harmful to the environment. Both the bottle and the rest of the elements that make up the packaging are recyclable, which minimizes the damage caused to the environment. Its use is very simple, as we will only have to remove the bottle cap, in this case 250 milliliters, place the atomizer and spray on the area that generates the bad smell, repeating the action if the bad smell persists.
Eliminates odors. Lasts a long time. But wet. 👃🏼It's a good air freshener with a packaging that's all rubbed and peeled, but hey, the bottle came sealed and works perfectly. The issue of eaten paper is something purely aesthetic.👃🏼The bottle is made of glass, which surprised me a lot. Glass preserves liquids better. The bottle comes with a sealed cap and then has the spray gun on the side. The cap is opened, the cap is changed for the spray. It is shaken and used.👃🏼The smell is very fresh, like cologne, like clean clothes. It stays in the environment for a long time. It lasts almost 12 hours. At first it is pleasant but when you notice it for so long in the environment, it can be a bit annoying.💔Be careful, it gets wet. It's one of those types of air fresheners that come out blurred in fat drops that wet the floor and walls, so be careful.👃🏼The brand is from Barcelona. The bottle does not say the INCI (complete list of ingredients in the composition) and it should come.👃🏼I am using it for the bathroom and for my cats and dogs areas. Eliminates strong odors quite well. In that sense I am happy.❤️Highly recommended.================ If the photos and the comment have helped you, please click on 'USEFUL'. Thank you so much. ==================
MAGNIFICENT It is impressive how it eliminates the smell of the toilet and provides a pleasant sandalwood aroma that spreads throughout the area with a single press.
Miguel Ángel
Miguel Angel
Quality design and scent This fragrance for bad odors that may arise in bathrooms, mostly similar areas due to humidity or something else, this eliminates a small amount since they are very concentrated and has a very fresh aroma that I like. The bottle comes in a glass bottle instead of a plastic one, which on the one hand is fine and on the other hand has the disadvantage that if it falls it can be damaged and create a big mess. Normally when they are products with liquid there are times when I am intrigued as to how it will arrive because on several occasions it has been opened or damaged but in this case it has arrived quite safe and well sealed so both the shipping and the product are quite good and with a very affordable price because the quality of the aroma is quite good.

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We have been applying Scentechnologies technology for years to our clients. It has proven to be simple, flexible, reliable and efficient. 



A professional deodorization service requires a partner like Scent, with a solid scientific and technical base, and high development capacity.



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